We Are Liverpool. Champions of England.

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After a 30 year wait, Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool are Premier League Champions.
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Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC - 7 dager siden
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Nino Kids - Lagu Anak Indonesia
@Jon Griffiths why trash liverpool
Kate Thomas
Kate Thomas - Dag siden
@Ollie McCaughan Yes, we are extremely happy😃
Erik O’ Hara
Erik O’ Hara - 2 dager siden
Booooooooooo Liverpool
LFC Liverpool
LFC Liverpool - 2 dager siden
@Jason Ryan 12 yaers no champions league 😂
LFC Liverpool
LFC Liverpool - 2 dager siden
@Erik O’ Hara i hate man utd i like liverpool
LiverpoolBRO - 12 timer siden
Paperino - 12 timer siden
"You’ll Never Walk Alone" from Rome, Italy
ItsUnitedAgain - 13 timer siden
Liverpool. The new Leeds of ‘93.
R6 5087
R6 5087 - 13 timer siden
Whose here when were loosing 3-0 to city):
Hariz Chaos
Hariz Chaos - 11 timer siden
R6 5087 at least we got epl
sadios toes
sadios toes - 14 timer siden
4-3 Liverpool win comin soon
johnny Sunshine
johnny Sunshine - 14 timer siden
as Phil Thompson said were back on our perch , we are the kings of the world, we are the champions, we have the best centre-back in the world , the best striker in the world besides Messi😁 I'm so proud to be a Liverpool supporter, tears in my eyes baby
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 14 timer siden
“You’ll never walk alone” - from Mongolia 🇲🇳 with love to all LFC fans and to my beloved Club, Kloppo and the lads💕💕💕
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 14 timer siden
You'll Never Walk Alone From Malang Indonesian.❤
Abasov #13
Abasov #13 - 15 timer siden
"You'll never walk alone " from Poland (Manu Fan )
"You'll Never Walk Alone"
- From Nalchik
Yohan Verghese
Yohan Verghese - 15 timer siden
You'll never walk alone from india
Austin Moore
Austin Moore - 15 timer siden
You will never walk alone from Kildare Ireland
Gabriel da Silva Costa
Gabriel da Silva Costa - 15 timer siden
As a Dortmund fan, I felt really touch. YNWA.
Dr Ashaq
Dr Ashaq - 16 timer siden
How to watch liverpool vs city match online
Great Grace
Great Grace - 16 timer siden
We Won The League YNWA
mutiara empire
mutiara empire - 16 timer siden
Jurgen klopp is new Shankly
التواصل الاجتماعى
I love Liverpool forever .I wish you visit anfiled once a day
TRS Sport
TRS Sport - 16 timer siden
Celtic didnt even win the League though
Zayn Alif
Zayn Alif - 16 timer siden
We Are Liverpool.
that means i am a part of liverpool
Anggi Dongolz
Anggi Dongolz - 16 timer siden
We are liverpool🔥🔥congrats.... Tegal-🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Avi - 16 timer siden
Champions of England*
*Once in 30 years...
Pisspool will return in 2050
Ронай Дневной свет
There have been many people who did not witness Liverpool's winning a premier league. 30 years easy to say. but it is very difficult to bear. but there was a very different liverpool this season. and I knew you'd be a champion. People who have this happiness should know the value of it, they are lucky for it. YNWA!
Diogo Rilhó
Diogo Rilhó - 16 timer siden
“You’ll never walk alone” from Portugal
Chef Fauzey
Chef Fauzey - 17 timer siden
YNWA from PJ OLD TOWN 🇲🇾🇲🇾
MoGilang Ramadhan
MoGilang Ramadhan - 17 timer siden
You'll Never Walk Alone From Malang Indonesian.❤
CROgoal - 17 timer siden
"You'll never walk alone" - From Croatia
DeathRow - 17 timer siden
3:19 that police officer
Leppex - 18 timer siden
“You’ll never walk alone.” - From Hongkong 🇭🇰
Alioune Diop
Alioune Diop - 18 timer siden
YNWA from Senegal🇸🇳Sadio mané👏👏
Renegade Dude
Renegade Dude - 18 timer siden
“You’ll never walk alone” from birmingham,england
Lawson Crow
Lawson Crow - 18 timer siden
I’ve watched this 20 times
Anas M Gadir
Anas M Gadir - 18 timer siden
Thank you Jurgen klopp
loulou forever
loulou forever - 18 timer siden
❤️❤️From Liverpool to all of our amazing fans all over the world. One Love. YNWA! ❤️❤️
Hanz Friedman
Hanz Friedman - 18 timer siden
"You"ll never walk alone" from Panama
SANDRAMARIANNE - 19 timer siden
Gabrirlla Butler
Gabrirlla Butler - 20 timer siden
Carnt wait to see the boys lift the cup then parade round the city comon you redsss fckin great
Shahrukh Akhter
Shahrukh Akhter - 20 timer siden
You'll Never Walk Alone -
The Champions of England
The Champions of Europe
The Champions of the World.
From Pakistan ❤
felix 02
felix 02 - 20 timer siden
„You‘ll never walk alone!“ - from Germany 🇩🇪
Leonardo Daniel Sánchez Romero
“You’ll never walk alone” - From Azcapotzalco, Mexico City.
Doni alvredo
Doni alvredo - 20 timer siden
You'll never walk alone from java 😍🙌
raziq hamimi
raziq hamimi - 20 timer siden
finally, we did it.
Love from Malaysia
Ricko Marpaung
Ricko Marpaung - 20 timer siden
Jurgen didn't buy superstar player to anfield, he made it. He brings happiness to all fans. He makes us dream, turn doubter to believer. Such a full of passion manager. Danke jurgen
Daud Ansaning
Daud Ansaning - 21 time siden
"You'll Never Walk Alone" - From Sabah, Malaysia
Scoffed - 21 time siden
"You’ll never walk alone" -from Muscat, Oman
Sarah Deane
Sarah Deane - 21 time siden
You’ll never walk alone - from Ireland 🇮🇪
Claudia HH1887
Claudia HH1887 - 21 time siden
Oh thats so great and wonderful.I have tears in my eyes.Great Song and amazing pictures. I hope I'll be live at Anfield soon. That's my big wish❤️❤️
M Money Money
M Money Money - 21 time siden
“You’ll never walk alone.”- From Morocco :)
A Eshghi
A Eshghi - 22 timer siden
"You'll never walk alone" -From Iran
Liverpool fc Sadio Mane
Liverpool fc Sadio Mane - 22 timer siden
Who ever put this video together is a genius absolutely brilliant.
Tommy Tse
Tommy Tse - 22 timer siden
You ll never walk alone .-from Shenzhen ,China
rudyRye58 - 22 timer siden
Champione!! Champione!!
Alli And Alex
Alli And Alex - 22 timer siden
Mdp_ The_mvp
Mdp_ The_mvp - 23 timer siden
에헤헤헤헤 - 23 timer siden
fianally!!!!!!!! we did it!!!!!!!! from south korea
Puke Vanessa
Puke Vanessa - 23 timer siden
My life is Liverpool fc
Kevin Olatunde
Kevin Olatunde - 23 timer siden
Kevin Olatunde
Kevin Olatunde - 23 timer siden
Amazing video.
Kevin Olatunde
Kevin Olatunde - 23 timer siden
You’ll never walk alone is the best song in the world
Kevin Olatunde
Kevin Olatunde - 23 timer siden
Ngbautti Charles Emmanuel
Ngbautti Charles Emmanuel - 23 timer siden
“You’ll never walk alone”from ivory coast
Shubham Tiwari
Shubham Tiwari - 23 timer siden
"You'll Never Walk Alone ❤️"- From Delhi, India
Sreekumar Raghavan
Sreekumar Raghavan - Dag siden
Kloop is so happy that he is crying..
So is Corthinio and suarez
lazar car
lazar car - Dag siden
19 times Liverpool
Luis Bracht
Luis Bracht - Dag siden
This is like the outro of a career mode game when you finally win the title with LFC. Love it
Derpyninja - Dag siden
Batsha Muhandita
Batsha Muhandita - Dag siden
Champions of england ?
Dan Maguire
Dan Maguire - Dag siden
We did it, Love you boys, YNWA... Thank you for all the amazing memories best season ever
Pablo Escobear
Pablo Escobear - Dag siden
"You'll Never Walk Alone" - From Sarawak, Malaysia
I Xerra I
I Xerra I - Dag siden
You will always walk alone-Manchester
andrej maras
andrej maras - Dag siden
You'll Never walk alone,"
From Belgrade Serbia
im not Normal
im not Normal - Dag siden
"*You'll never walk alone*":- from india
Another great part is that jose mourinho can’t say he has won more premierships than the rest of the league
Dhiraz Paudel
Dhiraz Paudel - Dag siden
You'll Never Walk Alone
From KTM Nepal
Ashwin Shaji
Ashwin Shaji - Dag siden
“You’ll never walk alone”
- മലയാളി
Latest Movies 1
Latest Movies 1 - Dag siden
Hands up to Klopp the Best Manger of all time!!!
luis rodriguez
luis rodriguez - Dag siden
"You'll never walk alone" - from Tijuana, México
유경식 - Dag siden
당신은 언제나 혼자 걷지 않을 것 입니다. from south korea
Amga 03
Amga 03 - Dag siden
Danke Jurgen
John Cornell
John Cornell - Dag siden
Liverpool are champions of EVERYWHERE right now. England, Europe, the World.
Let that sink in.
Bimo Putra Pamungkas
Bimo Putra Pamungkas - Dag siden
You'll Never Walk Alone - from Central Kalimantan, Indonesia