10 Moments that won the Premier League title

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From Fabinho's stunner against Man City to a statement victory against Man Utd, enjoy the 10 moments that saw Liverpool crowned champions of England for the 19th time.
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Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC - 6 dager siden
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Stelios Tokatlidis
Stelios Tokatlidis - 2 dager siden
What was it that you did not like of my greek subs?
Mary Dahm
Mary Dahm - 2 dager siden
So happy for you all! Congrats being the champions of the League! Love from South Carolina, USA. ❤️
Nu3ero - 2 dager siden
I love how the replys to Liverpool's comment isn't even about the translating the video it's about Liverpool winning the League
Antonio - 2 dager siden
1. VAR 2. VAR 3. VAR 4. VAR 5. VAR 6. VAR 7. VAR 8. VAR 9. VAR 10. Refs on the payroll
Bandzile Makhanda
Bandzile Makhanda - 3 dager siden
Yes champs
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - 10 timer siden
First game as a red was February 1991, waited 29 years for this moment. It’s all down to Jurgen, the closest thing we have to Shankly today.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - 10 timer siden
the best video ever
Nsikan Samuel
Nsikan Samuel - 11 timer siden
Best video iv seen all year
WaRFaM_ClaN - 15 timer siden
Congrats to Liverpool from an Arsenal Fan. I can't think of a more deserving team to take the W in such a powerful fashion. In my opinion, they should take it easy now especially against the more attacking teams to ensure they get no injuries. The domestic job is done, keep everyone 100% fit for next season what with the short summer break an' all! I can't wait until the Gunners get back to their best so we can have some great competitive games against the mighty LFC.
Troy Gagnon
Troy Gagnon - 16 timer siden
6:38 can relate Krawietz, can relate
knightpeanut - 16 timer siden
The villa game
The Aston villa game
Charlie Bray
Charlie Bray - 18 timer siden
Petition for liverpool to play adrian in goal for the rest off the league.
ijat XL
ijat XL - 19 timer siden
YNWA !!! Ilove liverpool
Orzy - 20 timer siden
i'll make this video in one comment
10. VAR
9. VAR
8. VAR
7. VAR
6. VAR
5. VAR
4. VAR
3. VAR
2. VAR
1. VAR
ZaHrAa AmeR
ZaHrAa AmeR - 20 timer siden
I am an Arab fan and I adore Liverpool and I hope the Reds win today 😍😍
masawa ALmasawa
masawa ALmasawa - 20 timer siden
موسم ثاني استنائي لليفربول مبروك كل عشاق الردز في عالم المستديره 👏👏👏
Gary Ward
Gary Ward - 20 timer siden
Was one of the moments by any chace receiving billions in investment so that there wss no need for individual success through the approptiate channels? Basically moral cheating?
Arun m.a
Arun m.a - 21 time siden
Klopp♥️. The best manager I have seen.
James Cross
James Cross - 21 time siden
I can imagine all those plastic Arsenal and Chelsea fans during the 00's supporting Liverpool now
alfred king
alfred king - 22 timer siden
Man Utd fan all my life but Im really happy for liverpool to win the league now i just want AC Milan to make a come back
Yogen Pradhan
Yogen Pradhan - 23 timer siden
The Barca vs lfc champions league match at Anfield changed everything for us...since then we havent lost any finals
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong - Dag siden
surely they should have included chelsea's win xD
RK Lalthanpuia
RK Lalthanpuia - Dag siden
When the Anfield started roaring, "We''re going to win the League" My eyes become teary, too many painful moments. But now we are the Champion of the World, Champion of Europe, Champion of England.
Kerel Kunci
Kerel Kunci - Dag siden
the best video ever
Oliver Brodrick
Oliver Brodrick - Dag siden
This video gives me endorphins
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - Dag siden
champions league, club world cup and has beennominated for the ballon d'or at this age. Carry on Trent
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - Dag siden
Music track for liverpool v manchester united from 6:00 ? Anybody?
Samuel Stelzer
Samuel Stelzer - Dag siden
Way too many cuts, please let just let me see a single goal from a clear angle...I mean how can you cut that Fabinho shot?
scotty101ire - Dag siden
For all our family and friends who never lived to see this happen were seeing the golden sky YNWA
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - Dag siden
Aidan Jane McIntosh
Aidan Jane McIntosh - Dag siden
Where is Chelsea vs City?
Fábio Fussball
Fábio Fussball - Dag siden
The Liverpool of Klopp hands it's a symphony. YNWA ♥️
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr - Dag siden
Used to be a liverpool fan when i was younger,. but run away when we where loosing, i guess i wont be accepted back into he fold...
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr - Dag siden
Good to see Liverpool respecting wolves and featuring them in this video
Adam Zaidan
Adam Zaidan - Dag siden
Depressed Ordinary Guy D.O.G.
Love Liverpool but not one goal was shown from a good angle
Asmaul Rojab
Asmaul Rojab - Dag siden
Gila main nya liverpool
KI MIGHT A - Dag siden
5:22 the classical music just adds another atmosphere of pure magnificent terror
Sbonelo Xaba
Sbonelo Xaba - Dag siden
I aint a Liverpool nor care about Liverpool... but honestly Klopp is the best!!. They really need to built a statue!!
Hartaty Sirait
Hartaty Sirait - Dag siden
Still feel goosebumps every time I saw the league table. We are the Champions, my friend!!!
peter ellis
peter ellis - Dag siden
The Champions League Final win was so important for this season for so many reasons. First it gave Liverpool a first trophy for Klopp and his players and it got rid of always coming second in finals. Second it meant that last season finished on a high, just look at what happened to Tottenham to see how a final defeat can roll into next season. Thirdly it gave Liverpool momentum into this season.
Matt Wordsworth
Matt Wordsworth - Dag siden
Paul Smith RIP. YNWA
Rikaz Rumy
Rikaz Rumy - Dag siden
TheComputec - Dag siden
For the 96
TheComputec - Dag siden
Music track for liverpool v manchester united from 6:00 ? Anybody?
Andrew Barrett
Andrew Barrett - Dag siden
Myth : Liverpool only win the Champions League
MrBounce66 - Dag siden
My grandmother died the day before we won the league. I was heartbroken, then the next day we won it. This club put a smile on my face when all I wanted to do was cry.
Thank you Liverpool.
woiour loin
woiour loin - Dag siden
Jurgen Klopp is the best of the world
Slow as Snail
Slow as Snail - Dag siden
Just cry of happiness.. huhu
woiour loin
woiour loin - Dag siden
What was that violin music playing during the Leicester match?
Shadow Con
Shadow Con - Dag siden
Good to see Liverpool respecting wolves and featuring them in this video
Kwesi Boateng
Kwesi Boateng - Dag siden
Used to be a liverpool fan when i was younger,. but run away when we where loosing, i guess i wont be accepted back into he fold...
Prithvi Prakash
Prithvi Prakash - Dag siden
The most important one imo - Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 2.
I remember us trailing nearly the entire game with City to play next and realised that the points gap would be down to 3 if we lost to Villa and City.
This game changed everything.
Holomatchi - Dag siden
I have been a Liverpool supporter all my life but my spark was reignited by my fellow student and colleague Hans Lesmana. We went to Anfield together for the first time during a university years. He was a young doctor who wanted to stay with us in Europe but went back to Indonesia to help his family and country. A doctor with an unlimited potential. The smartest and kindest person I have ever met. Unfortunately he was taken from us at a way to early age. This is for you. I wish we could have shared these moments together but I feel in my heart you know. Forever missed, but never forgotten! You will never walk alone!
Kairo Palmer
Kairo Palmer - Dag siden
All theh needed to show was city's season.
Arno Smit
Arno Smit - Dag siden
At the moment , the difference between Liverpool and second place is more than Norwich has the whole season... The difference is twice as much as Arsenal.., The difference between Liverpool and ManU is enough to avoid relegation.... Let that sink in!...
Klopp @ the top
David Young
David Young - Dag siden
Anyone else Cry cause I'm not afraid to say i did 😪
David Minnock
David Minnock - Dag siden
Van dijk eyeing at the United fans when he scores is just hilarious 😂😂
wolf gaming
wolf gaming - Dag siden
Mohamed Adan
Mohamed Adan - Dag siden
So long as jurgen is our head coach we expect more trophies 🏆...alot done more to come... Live long legend
Philosophy Penguin
Philosophy Penguin - Dag siden
What is with the editing. How I meant to enjoy this? It is all over the place. It is an incredible talent to make liverpool f.c. unwatchable yet this video managed it
NK - Dag siden
Congratulations. Enjoy! You deserved it fully.
~Arsenal Fan
Aiman Mohamed
Aiman Mohamed - Dag siden
Amal Deepak Thiru
Amal Deepak Thiru - Dag siden
What was that violin music playing during the Leicester match?
woiour loin
woiour loin - 2 dager siden
Jurgen Klopp is the best of the world
Addicted On hip hop
Addicted On hip hop - 2 dager siden
The goal of Manu at the 3:10 pissed me off that day. Atkinson effect.
woiour loin
woiour loin - 2 dager siden
What’s the song during the Man U home game?
Favour TeeVee
Favour TeeVee - 2 dager siden
cmon Liverpool
βαγγελης αικατερινης
Jurgen Klopp 4:15 { i ve never seen a goal like this } , better watch the 80s team .
On the other hand good job Sir !
Nima Scolari
Nima Scolari - 2 dager siden
Tbh none of these are key moments. They have dominated so much that with so many games left they could have dropped points in these games and still won the league 😂 💪
luke heng
luke heng - 2 dager siden
6:41 passion
Tevž Kadiš
Tevž Kadiš - 2 dager siden
Why didnt we get to see trents handball duting that city game recap
Phoenix Rage
Phoenix Rage - 2 dager siden
"If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone"
"Yet If You Want To Go Far, Go Together"
"You'll Never Walk Alone"
thebestbees - 2 dager siden
Always felt that even though players like Shaqiri, lallana and Origi aren’t always playing, but when they do their contribution is immense with their crucial goals/assists.. will be missing them if they actually leaves to seek out regular playing time.
Österreicher Xxx
Österreicher Xxx - 2 dager siden
Greetings and Gratulation from Austria !!!! LIVERPOOL is the best Club in this World !!!!!
Asmit Pandey
Asmit Pandey - 2 dager siden
cannot simply watch without watery eyes, danke kloop, god bless.
Aravind kumar
Aravind kumar - 2 dager siden
I am arsenal fan , watching Liverpool win and achieve their dream makes me jealous but makes me believe one day just one day we will be great again...happy I was alive during this Liverpool era..Kudos and thanks ❤️
AH AL - 2 dager siden
There are hundreds of fans keep coming to watch live matches at Anfield. you have names and pics repeated on tickets history. they paid thousands of pounds. I expected you could pay little pounds to put their pictures at their seats or even allow them to show their live faces and impressions on live tablet screens put on their seats during the match. just believe fans are part of the team. not only viewers.
Cwenga Ntsapho
Cwenga Ntsapho - 2 dager siden
Forminho is crucial
Ronan - 2 dager siden
It was never a pen against Leicester
Thomas Haughey
Thomas Haughey - 2 dager siden
anyone else notice an appearance from Tutankhamen 2:36
Anthony Griffin
Anthony Griffin - 2 dager siden
You've forgotten Willian's goal against Man City, which gave you the cup.
polishpride321 - 2 dager siden
What’s the song during the Man U home game?
Ahmad Difa'
Ahmad Difa' - 2 dager siden
6:20 look at Van Dijk face after he trashing The Overrated One and show who's the boss.
AYA 77
AYA 77 - 2 dager siden
we're gonna win the league ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Robbie Omahony
Robbie Omahony - 2 dager siden
Mentality monsters
Robbie Omahony
Robbie Omahony - 2 dager siden
Love this team and club so much
hafid ez
hafid ez - 2 dager siden
مبرووووك يا احلى النادي بالدنيا❤❤❤
M L - 2 dager siden
One word to those guys who are putting together those Youtube Videos: you are just brillant!